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Opt for a family or a sporty pool…

Piscines Waterair has several types of pool floors depending on the type of use: competitive or recreational swimming, games, diving etc.

Dished floor

Dished floorDished floorDished floor
Swimming pool depth up to 1.80 m

Its gentle, even slopes make the edges safe and shallow, but give the enjoyment of depth in the centre. Suitable for the whole family and multi-purpose.

Recommended for families

Mini pool

Mini poolMini poolMini pool
Swimming pool depth up to 1.80 m

With its small, flat-bottomed bathing area for games and its area for playing sport, it provides two areas for different activities.

Recommended for families

1.20m flat bottom

1.20m flat bottom1.20m flat bottom1.20m flat bottom
Swimming pool depth 1.20 m

Its limited and constant depth make it ideal for water games. It is perfect for children and adults who like to lounge around in the water.

Deep end

Deep endDeep endDeep end
Swimming pool depth up to 2.40 m

Thrill seekers can enjoy its depth using a diving board! The deep end a has peripheral safety step. This is the sporty option in the range.

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