Common misconceptions

1. You need a lot of room to install a swimming pool.

 Piscines Waterair has many models that are under 30m². You can easily install a swimming pool on a very small plot of land or townhouse. You should, however, obey planning regulations. Your Waterair adviser is on hand to give you specific details.

2. A swimming pool uses a lot of water.

 A well-maintained pool doesn't need emptying every year. Rainwater tops it up naturally and for free. Water use for swimming pools is marginal. An FPP study shows that annual water consumption by the 1,350,000 pools in France accounts for only 0.05% of the country's consumption (compared to 70% for agriculture).

3. Swimming pools pose a danger to children.

 The Law of 03/01/2003 requires you to implement a standardised safety system to prevent the risk of children under 5 drowning. However, vigilant parents are still the best safety measure.
In 2010, 7 children tragically died from drowning in private swimming pools in France, out of 1,538,000 pools. This figure has fallen significantly - in 2000, this figure was 32. The number of children under 5 drowning in private family swimming pools has been cut by 75% in 10 years.
Finally, the pool is the perfect place to learn to swim, as it provides optimal conditions for taking your first strokes - no waves, no current, clear water, sometimes even heated…

4. You need planning permission to install a swimming pool.

 There are different rules on the construction of a swimming pool. In general, there is no need to obtain a permit - a simple declaration filed in advance of the work at the town hall is sufficient. Your Waterair adviser will be able to answer any questions you may have on this matter, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

5. It takes a lot of time to maintain a swimming pool.

 The maintenance of your swimming pool is directly dependent on its environment (paving, plants) and filtration system. A well-planned swimming pool requires less than 30 minutes of maintenance per week. Our advisers will help you choose the most suitable solution for your situation.

6. Maintaining a swimming pool is expensive.

 Maintenance costs depend on the surface area of your pool, its depth and whether it is heated or not. In any case, it will be no more than a few euros per day of use. Your adviser can give you more specific information.

7. Pools are not environmentally-friendly.

 We asked SYMOE, a specialist in calculating CO2 emissions, to calculate the Co2 emissions caused by building a Waterair swimming pool. The results were excellent. Building a swimming pool generates fewer emissions than a two-week trip for 4 people to Egypt (from Paris).
The use of a swimming pool for one year (electricity, products, etc.) accounts for around 1.2% of the annual average CO2 emissions from a French household
Swimming pools and the environment are not incompatible - quite the opposite. The swimming pool's impact is even smaller if you take into account the reduced number of journeys you make if you spend leisure time at home!

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