Select the filtration system that is adapted to your swimming pool.
Respect for water and the environment is a priority for Piscines Waterair. Did you know that a well-maintained swimming pool is never emptied? That's why it's important to choose a good filtration system, along with high-quality maintenance products - these will ensure healthy, clear water, and make sure you use less water.
The multi-functional, evolving technical room

Locatec is an exclusive design from Swimming pools WATERAIR. It is a multifunctional mass-produced technical unit that is stylish and practical and offers optimum comfort of use.

Locatec® Premium

Locatec® PremiumLocatec® PremiumLocatec® Premium

The multi-functional, evolving technical room

Locatec® Premium combines all the advantages of Locatec® but has even more equipment for your comfort. The shower tray has a grating which adds elegance. It also looks and feels like natural wood.
Locatec® Premium has a waterfall connector and is fitted out for use with a salt electrolyser.

Filwat Compact System®, created by Piscines WATERAIR and certified by the TÜV (N°R60022656) is for pools smaller than 35m2 (excluding the deep end).

Piscines Waterair can offer classic cartridge filtration which is installed in a service room near the pool or in the basement of your home.

The sand filtration system, like the cartridge filtration system, is simply installed in a service room near the swimming pool or in the basement of your home.
Pre-assembled filtration

Intelligent service room for small and medium-sized pools, pre-assembled at the factory. Practical and easy to set up.

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