filtration piscine filwat
filtration piscine filwatfiltration filwatfiltration piscine

Aesthetic, discreet and easy to install, it replaces the service room.

Filwat Compact System ® is a filter block designed to allow the use of two types of filter which are interchangeable at any time depending on the pool environment :
  • The disposable EASY BAG CS filter is a patented Piscines WATERAIR system (6 filters supplied) which can be replaced easily every 2 to 5 weeks. Take the old one out, install the new one: that's it!
  • A traditional cartridge filter (as an option) with a large filtering surface for maximum effectiveness.

    • Many functions are available as standard, such as the automatic water level regulator. Filwat Compact System® is systematically tested in a vacuum in the factory. None of the electrical and mechanical parts are within the reach of children.


FILWAT Compact System®

Filwat Compact System®, created by Piscines WATERAIR and certified by the TÜV (N°R60022656) is for pools smaller than 35m2 (excluding the deep end).