Line your swimming pool… WATERAIR liners guarantee complete watertightness of your pool. Choose your perfect liner!

Our liners come with a twelve-year guarantee (covering all manufacturing defects, according to our standard terms of guarantee). They are made of 75/100-thick PVC and are cut in the factory for the shape and size of your swimming pool.

Marble Slate liner

Marble Slate linerMarble Slate liner

Its slate colour and marble pattern create heightened reflections. This new liner’s mirror effect will enhance your pool and add a modern touch to your garden.

New in 2017

Toscane liner

Toscane linerToscane liner
The Toscane liner, with its softness, gives your pool a shimmer like the Caribbean Sea.

Bleu Azur liner

Bleu Azur linerBleu Azur liner
You'd like the water in your pool to be crystal clear! In this case, go for the blue Azur liner.  The water will be clear with a slight blue tint.  The bottom of the pool will be notably visible and reflections from the sun will shimmer in the water.

Menthe liner

Menthe linerMenthe liner
Change of scenery guaranteed with our mint liner: your water will have the colour of a lagoon and your pool will naturally fit into your garden, while giving it a tropical touch.

Solid Grey Liner

Solid Grey LinerSolid Grey Liner
The pool liner's designer, modern solid grey colour gives your pool an elegant, discreet look.

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