Swimming pool, Sofia, 7,16m x 4,36m x 3,72m, escalier Enjoy, liner Toscane Swimming pool, Sofia, 7,16m x 4,36m x 3,72m, escalier Enjoy, liner Toscane Swimming pool, Sofia, 7,16m x 4,36m x 3,72m, liner Toscane

Swimming pool Sofia

Pool feature(s)

Model : Sofia 07
Dimensions : 7,16m x 4,36m x 3,72m
Steps : Enjoy
Liner : Toscane

Swimming pool SofiaSofia

Attractive and decidedly modern, the Sofia pool has everything to please. With its kidney shape, it blends in easily with the layout of your garden. Discover all the characteristics of one of Waterair Swimming Pools' latest designs.


The Sofia pool comes in four sizes. These vary from 6.04 m and 9.05 m in length, 3.53 m and 5.36 m in width, and a surface area of between 17 m² and 38 m². Its measurements enable it to fit into any type of garden.   

Standard features

Equipped with integrated Enjoy steps, the Sofia pool is delivered with a Tuscan, azure, grey or mint liner. 

According to your preferences, you can opt for a 1.20 m deep flat bottom or cove bottom. 

You have a choice of filtration systems:

- Cartridge system

- Sand system

- Filwat compact System

Our Waterair consultant will help you choose the right system for your purposes.

Comfort options

You can personalise your leisure space as you want, thanks to the various options proposed by Waterair Swimming Pools. For example, you can go for a 1.50 m deep flat bottom, or STONE coping: both aesthetic and tough. As regards filtration, the Locatec, Locaroc and Locatec Premium systems are available. 

For increased comfort and more enjoyable use, you can also go for massage water jets, to be used without moderation between two dips, or the counter-current option. 

Meanwhile, those who love swimming at night can yield to the temptation of white or coloured LED projectors. 

Why choose the Sofia?

Its integrated steps and their position open up a swim lane so that you can fully exploit the pool's potential. 

The kidney -shaped Sofia is also easy to cover, whether with an enclosure or a pool cover. Its well-designed aesthetics and moderate size enable it to fit into all types of garden. 

With the customisable Sofia pool, you can create a leisure area that is all your own!

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