Recognised know-how

Piscines WATERAIR is established in over 29 countries around the world.

The reliability of its services and its exceptional competitiveness makes Piscines WATERAIR a respected solution, well-known all over the world.

Piscines WATERAIR invented the concept of a swimming pool in a kit with a steel structure. This technological innovation has enabled tens of thousands of people to partially or fully assemble their swimming pools, quickly and easily. Piscines Waterair has been manufacturing swimming pool kits for over 45 years and has adapted the technology to all types of gardens and offers pools in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Direct factory sales!
Piscines WATERAIR has industrial production centres which manufacture the steel panels, steps, coping etc. With Piscines WATERAIR, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality at the best price.

Quality before all else!
 We guarantee that out products are faultless in terms of quality and safety. Piscines Waterair has had them tested by independent, respected laboratories (TÜV, CETIM, VERITAS) prior to sale.

The ISO 9001 version 2008 certification has confirmed one of the founding principles of Piscines Waterair: customer satisfaction.

A few points about Piscines Waterair :

A partner you can trust :
  • French swimming pool manufacturer
  • Capital of €10M. 90% is held by the management team, and 10% is held by financial investors
  • Classed as C3++ by the Banque de France (best possible score for a company of our size)
  • Established in 1972
  • Over 330 employees

Exclusive patented technology:

  • 90 models, over 200,000 variations
  • Quick installation
  • Various assembly options(kit, assisted kit, Posikit)
  • Reliable, beautiful products
  • Tested in independent laboratories (Cetim, Veritas, TÜV)
  • 20-year guarantee on panels
  • 12-year guarantee on liners

Customer satisfaction :
  • ISO 9001 version 2008
  • Brochures to support you throughout the life of your pool

International presence :
  • Brand available in 29 countries
  • Branches in Spain and the Czech Republic
  • Mardal branch in Germany specialised in the manufacture of coping

A tight budget:

  • Major savings compared to traditional techniques
  • Various financing options

Respect for water :
  • Preserved and maintained using quality products and intelligent equipment

A local partner :
  • A network of local sales advisers is just a call away.
  • An efficient after-sales service 6 days a week
  • After-sales engineers in the field
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Dates :

Trophée d'Argent in the 'kit swimming pool' category at the Trophées de la Piscine awards, 2011.

Escaform Balneo System® has been awarded the Observeur du Design, Janus de l’Industrie and Trophée d’Or trophies in the "accessories" category.

Trophée d’Argent in the "Sustainable development for accessories" category at the Trophées de la Piscine awards, 2009

Trophée de Bronze in the "Family-designed pool" category at the Trophées de la Piscine awards, 2008

  • Trophée d'Or in the Design category for ESCALIGHT®
  • Trophée d'Or in the accessories category for LOCATEC®

Casque d'Argent Award for the best customer service (telephone)

National award for the best Sales Force (DCF) performance

ISO 9001 certification version 2000 for the design, manufacture and sale of swimming pool kits and related services

ISO 9001 certification version 2000 for distance or direct selling of swimming pool accessories and water treatment products

Prize for the Piscines WATERAIR sales website

Innovation prize from the Barcelona Swimming Pool Trade Show


Piscine d'Or (Gold swimming pool) (Gold swimming pool)

  • 'Janus de l'Industrie' for Escatop Balnéo System® awarded by the French Ministry of Industry
  • International Master of Intermaster Enterprises, Madrid
  • Grand Prix du Triomphe de l'Excellence Européenne from the Committee of European Excellence
  • Système d'Argent awarded by the Système D newspaper

Piscine d'Or (Gold swimming pool) (Gold swimming pool)

Establishment of Piscines WATERAIR

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