escalier entrant piscine pacio
escalier entrant piscine pacioescalier piscine pacio2escalier piscine pacio1

The staircase has four anti-slip grey granite steps and offers three different areas :

  • Area 1: access to the steps
  • Area 2: main relaxation area comprising two semi-reclining places with a removable headrest
  • Area 3: additional relaxation area with room for one person

As an option, for greater comfort, the steps have additional exclusive fittings :

  • 3 adjustable balneo nozzles
  • second headrest
  • Escalight®
  • with a handrail


Pacio steps

Width: 2.96m

Only available on the models : Cléa, Luna, Eva, Emma and Lola.

As an integral part of the pool, the Pacio entry steps save space around the pool. The pool and the steps form a single, indissociable whole.