What we wanted was to feel like we were on holiday all year round

«With a pool, you feel like you're on holiday all year round. When enjoying good weather, relaxing after work or simply at the weekend. After school and during holidays are also lively times! And when the weather is not as good, you can enjoy a great view which reminds you of the good times, while promising more to come in the future…»

Aurélie and Fabrice and their Eva swimming pool
Swimming pool, Eva, 7,78m x 4,99m x 2,96m, escalier Pacio, liner Gris

Our aim was to spend more time together.

«Our swimming pool has become a family focal point and a place for meeting friend. It's a lively place, where we play, discuss, have a drink and a chat. Since we installed the pool, we take more time to talk together and share the good times. We're so happy!»

Stéphanie, Franck and Élisa and their Céline pool
Swimming pool, Elsa, 8,50m x 3,85m, escalier Enjoy, liner Toscane

The spa is perfect for finally taking care of ourselves

«Our pool has helped us to discover that we really just needed to look after our health and ourselves. Far away from all the stress, we can immerse ourselves in a world of well-being thanks to our spa steps. We wouldn't go back for anything in the world!»

Martine and her Barbara swimming pool

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