The advantages of choosing Waterair

A Waterair pool is also a great investment to enjoy holidays at home all year round and enjoy good times as a family or with friends at the water's edge.

A Waterair pool is also a great investment, which can add up to 20% to the value of your home.

A Waterair swimming pool – why miss out?

With 45 years of experience and over 100,000 swimming pools installed in France and all over the world. Piscines Waterair is a recognised solution, thanks to its exclusive, patented technology, attractive and reliable products.

Fit out your swimming pool
Fit out your swimming pool avec la vaste étendue de possibilités proposées par Piscines Waterair : escaliers, balnéo, fonds, liners, sécurité, margelles.

Panel and technologies
Always at the cutting edge of technology, Piscines Waterair has developed globally-acknowledged know-how and experience. Our panel and filtration systems are the best examples of this.

Assembly solutions
Discover our tailored pool-building solutions. Piscines Waterair will advise and support you, no matter which assembly solution you choose.

The Piscines Waterair Company
Our development and our international presence, our focus on quality and our customer satisfaction philosophy...
Find out what makes the French company Piscines Waterair successful and how it has made tens of thousands of cutomers happy.

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